COVID Staffing Toolkit—A Guide

COVID Staffing Toolkit—A Guide

A step-by-step overview of one approach, based on our institutions’ experience, to staffing response planning for COVID-19. Links to available tools and examples are also included.

This guide is divided into three analysis & planning stages which, in combination, can help you develop and implement a complete response plan:

We will regularly update this page. If you have suggestions or resources from your organizations that could benefit others, please let us know so we can share.

1. Assess Current Resources

How many beds do you have?

  • Quantify numbers and locations of general inpatient and ICU beds
    • What is currently available?
    • What new ICU-level units can be created?
    • What new non-ICU level units can be created?

What skills do your staff have?

What supplies do you have?

  • Inventory available supplies
    • How much PPE, ventilatorss, CRRT and dialysis machines do you have?
    • Can ventilators or other supplies be repurposed from operating rooms, children’s hospitals, etc.? 

2. Estimate Future Needs

How many patients are you expecting?

What staff will you need?

  • Define the potential compositions of teams for each unit (general inpatient, ICU)
    • Define ideal and stretch levels of care team models
      (See example team compositions in model tables below)

What supplies will you need?

3. Plan Your Response

How will your staff be deployed?

How can you expand your capacity?

  • Redeploy clinical staff to new roles based on current skill level (assessed in Pandemic Role Allocation Tools)

This guide was created by Hoda Bandeh-Ahmadi PhD, Laura Mazer MD MHPE, Alexandra Highet, Kyla Terhune MD MBA, Brian C George MD MA.