Daily PPE Calculator

Daily PPE Calculator

Use this calculator to estimate your daily PPE usage for specific patient care settings, which can guide your resourcing and distribution to different hospital care units.

To download, follow the link below, click to download either the “PPE_Calculator.xlsx” or the “PPE_Calculator_wide.xlsx”. The “PPE_Calculator_wide.xlsx” is the “wide” version of the tool that can provide PPE estimates for up to 10 different patient care settings.


This video shows you how to use the tool step-by-step. You can also read the written instructions below.

Once you’ve downloaded and opened the file:

  1. Enter your expected patient census (ICU and non-ICU) in the spreadsheet area labeled “Step 1.”
  2. Add or remove provider types as appropriate for your institution in the spreadsheet area labeled “Step 2.”
  3. Add or remove types of PPE items as appropriate for your local usage in the spreadsheet area labeled “Step 3.”
  4. View your results!

This tool was created by Erkin Otles MSE, Alexandra Highet, Jordan Bohnen MD MBA, Brian C George MD MA, and Kyla Terhune MD MBA.