Physician Pandemic Role Allocation Tool (P-PRAT)

This tool can be used in conjunction with the Physician Skills Survey to transform the output from that survey into a list of assignments of Faculty to COVID-19 unit roles.


1. Export the responses of the Physician Skills Survey as a .csv file.
If you didn’t use our Google Forms version of the survey, make sure that the names and order of the columns in your .csv file spreadsheet match the format in this example file:

2. Download our Physician Pandemic Role Allocation Tool (P-PRAT) file. (Follow the link below, click to download “Source code (zip),” open the .zip file, and find the tool Microsoft Excel file inside.)

3. Paste your survey results into the “Input” sheet of the P-PRAT tool. (You can also manually fill in the survey information, if you’d like.)

4. Look in the “Assignment” sheet of the P-PRAT for a list of COVID-19 unit roles your staff can fill.

Note: .csv files can be viewed in any spreadsheet software.

This tool was created by Laura Mazer MD MHPE, Daniel Kendrick MD MA, Tanvi Gupta MS, Andrew Krumm PhD, Erkin Otles MSE, Hoda Bandeh-Ahmadi PhD, Brian C George MD MA, and Kyla Terhune MD MBA.